Race: Human Class: Wizard
Sex: Male Age: 72(46)
Height: 6'2" Weight: 142 Lbs.
Hair: Black Eyes: Brown
Alignment: Neutral Homeland: Obsidian Citadel (Yatil Mountains)
Appearance: Black beard streaked with silver
A great and powerful wizard, Mordenkainen spends much of his time pondering over new bits of magical research. When he does travel it is usually with a large company of his high level henchmen. On those Occasions when he must venture alone, he will disguise himself as an old, poor merchant. In this manner he hope to avoid attention while still obtaining his goal (usually some rare item for his work). These days Mordenkainen feels responsible for the Flanaess and manipulates political and military events to suit his vision of what the Flanaess should be.

Mordenkainen should not, however, be mistaken for some weak and withered mage, prefering to mind his own business. He is an active and aggressive person, not failing to attempt bold, sweeping plans when the situation demands. He has skill in diplomacy, leadership, politics, and some knowledge of religion. He is thorough in his plans and will utilize whatever resources are necessary. He is stubborn and difficult, his decisions are harsh, and doesn't tolerate fools at all. For all this, he is a cleaver and useful ally.

The Obsidian Citadel

This is Mordenkainen's fortress. It is made of basalt and obsidian and lies in the mountains west of the Vesve. It is cloaked magically and is a sprawling complex. There are many dwarven miners working a platinum vein here. Gnomish smiths coin the metal and make jewelry. Men and elves ship it to Perrenland and Ket in the west, Highfolk and Veluna to the south, and east to Furyondy. Mordenkainen has several agents, including spies in Iuz and The Horned Society. Highfolk has allied with Mordenkainen against Iuz and the Hierarchs. The arch-mage has grugach and wood elf tribe vassals.