Race: Quasi-Deity Class: Paladin/Mage
Sex: Male Age: ?
Height: 6'0" Weight:? Lbs.
Hair: Black Eyes: Blue
Alignment: Lawful Good Homeland: ?
Appearance: Rugged, wears anachronistic clothing, long black duster, wide brimmed hat, has a tin six-point star pinned to his chest
Murlynd is a true character. His face is bold and handsome, his eyes deep and penetrating. His nature is seemingly rugged, independent, taciturn. His broad, muscular frame is typically clad in garments of another time and world, that of the "Old West." His waist is girded by a leather belt containing weapons of technology as well as a magical dagger. Although appearing aloof and aggressive, Murlynd is actually quite gregarious, loquacious, and gentle... unless provoked.

As noted, Murlynd is prone to carry technological weapons (variously refered to as "45s," "six-shooters," and "hog legs") which he is able to employ in both left and right hands. Murlynd and Murlynd alone knows the secret of these devices and how to make them function. Each weapon sends forth three missiles per round, if he so desires. These projectiles will strike even the most magical of creatures. The range of these weapons appears to be similar to that of a light crossbow. Murlynd carries also a magical Dancing Holy Sword which he keeps either on his his warhorse or strapped to his back. He can use the weapon in either hand, so in combat Murlynd might use his arcane projectile weapons one round, then draw his sword and dagger, and eventually cast a spell or use some other device while his broad sword "dances."

When casting spells, Murlynd is prone to intermix technological terminology with his incantations, sometimes with surprising results. Thus, in casting a Stinking Cloud or Wall of Fog spell he might conjure into being a strange engine which gushes forth the desired result, but for far longer and over a greater area than desired. He is known to have cast a Burning Hands which brought forth a device that spewed liquid fire, but at another time conjured a fireball of paper which burst with totally harmless effect. As he is insensitive to color differences, Murlynd's color based/employing spells are quite often bizarre in effect, and are known to be linked with technological devices wich send forth the hues. Because of this technological admixture it is sometimes possible for Murlynd to cast more than one spell in a round, as the initial dweomer is provided, in part, by the art of science!

Being rather unusual, and dabbling in questionable areas, Murlynd is rather unpopular with those of his sort. He is, in fact, shunned by most. His abode is divided between several special dwellings on various planes or extra-dimensional areas. He moves about from place to place on a whim, staying for days or years as suits his mood.

Murlynd is a human magic-user of remarkable skill. He travels far and often and many a strange machine or spell can be found in his extra-dimensional house, which is located in the deserted castle Greyhawk. He has the strange habit to introduce himself with the sentence: "Greetings, traveler. I am Murlynd. That's m-u-r-l-y-n-d and not Merlin!" Thieves and would-be-assassins have often tried to kill or rob him, but most of them are never to be seen again.

Murlynd has many powerful friends and foes alike, with beings like the archmage Mordenkainen, the quasi-deity Keoghtom and the demigod Zagyg among the former and complete nations among the later.

(A Sidebar: Murlynd does, after all, have a VCR, as per the EX2 module. One wonders what he likes to pick up each weekend at Blockbuster. Imagine him hiring a group of heroes to recover a lost and mysterious "black box with arcane lettering on the outside," which is actually a plastic-cased copy of "Blazing Saddles," now overdue after being stolen by powerful City of Greyhawk thieves who think it might be a treasure beyond reckoning. Oh, wouldn't the players have a fit if they knew. A DM would have to be a real sadist to run this in a Greyhawk campaign group....ahem.)