Race: Human Class: Fighter
Sex: Male Age: 38
Height: 6'3 Weight: 225
Hair: Black Eyes: Brown
Alignment: Lawful Evil Homeland: The Lands of Greyhawk
Appearance: Rough with Black Beard.
Robilar started his career as neutral in alignment but over time has turned lawful evil. In many ways, attitude and treatment of others, Robilar is still neutral. Anyone other than his close friends, however, should be wary of trusting him. Robilar always plans on coming out on top. He is a tough, talkative and friendly individual, who enjoys adventuring, companionship and the many pleasures of life. Robilar fears nothing, and to prove that point, he often adventures alone, even when the odds appear greatly stacked against him. Three things drive him: magic, adventuring and information, three things he can never seem to get enough of.

Robilar secretly owns the Green Dragon Inn, in the City of Greyhawk. He uses the inn as a meeting place and as a means of ferreting out information and keeping up with the local happenings within the city. Robilar spent much of his earlier career adventuring in Castle Greyhawk, turning to outdoor adventures after about 9th level. Robilar usually adventures alone, though he has been known to explore with his djinn (or efreet - since the djinn was killed subduing Robilar's green dragons).


Robilar, along with Teric and Tenser, formed a triumvirate and took over the first level of Castle Greyhawk for a while. They barracked their respective forces there and guarded ingress and egress, using the location as a base for further adventures deep within the sprawling castle complex. During this time, Robilar was a perilous adventurer, often going without maps and using a ring of invisibility to adventure into the depths of the castle to investigate and ambush his enemies.

Robilar was one of the first to make it around the Oerth. By entering the lowest level in Greyhawk Castle, he was propelled by a magical slide to the Oriental lands. Teric and Tenser followed, as they missed his return to the first level of the Castle, which, as a team, this trio held sway over. They caught up with him by scrying and they finished the adventure together. They all split later - Teric visited the southeast area around the Sea Barons (he was looking for Voodoo-type areas), Tenser went home, and Robilar trudged down into the southern jungles, far past the reach of Sea Prince slavers. The warrior even introduced steel for the first time to Amedio jungle tribesmen. These worthies captured him, inheriting a magical composite bow.

The Nine Imprisoned Demi-Gods

Robilar, while exploring the dungeons of Castle Greyhawk, entered a strange room wherein were nine imprisoned creatures mounted a top pedestals. Robilar decided to dispatch (singly) the toughest of the lot first, in case all nine were to animate simultaneously. He carefully chose the many-handed one (i.e. Hextor). (The nine imprisoned were: Iuz, Ralishaz, Trithereon, Erythnul, Olidammara, Heironeous, Celestian, Hextor, and Obad-Hai). In the ensuing melee with Hextor, the other eight "demi-gods" were "accidentally" released, as loosing one seemed to have a domino effect. As the nine "demi-gods" turned their attentions toward destroying each other, Robilar executed a tactical withdrawal (i.e. he hotfooted it out of there!) to lick his wounds.

Robilar later returned to the room to investigate and found all of the pedestals empty, with none of the beings in sight. All nine gods had been loosed upon the world.

The Temple of Elemental Evil

In CY 575, Robilar traveled with his henchmen Quij and Otto the Mage to the Temple of Elemental Evil. Robilar traveled on his flying carpet and Quij and Otto followed on griffons. Robilar entered the temple complex with Otto, leaving Quij behind to guard the griffons and flying carpet. While other adventurers raided the temple and then withdrew, Robilar entered the temple and fought his way through it. For two days he slew all he encountered. Eventually Robilar freed the demoness Zuggtmoy, who was imprisoned beneath the temple complex. Why did Robilar free Zuggtmoy? Robilar purposefully released the demoness, because too much good was going on around the place. In a manner, to balance the proceedings.

Alerted by the "freeing" of the demoness, a Force of Good rushed to the temple complex in an attempt to recapture the demoness and to punish her liberators. Tenser and his associates arrived, with Burne, Rufus, Otis and a great force of elves, paladins and unicorns. Upon seeing the destruction of her temple complex and the gathering Force of Good, Zuggtmoy departed in great haste. Robilar and Otto fled back to his castle, with the Force of Good in hot pursuit. The druid Jaroo, in falcon form, followed Robilar and Otto over 200 miles back to Robilar's castle. After they were informed of his whereabouts, the good war party eventually rallied outside of Robilar's castle. Robilar and Otto abandoned the castle and it fell to the Forces of Good.


Robilar's closest companions were Quij, his orcish henchman; Otto, his court magician; along with Tenser and Teric, who most often accompanied him on his adventures. Otto the mage retained his laboratories/apartments on the third floor of Robilar's Castle, near Robilar's training halls. Robilar also counted three green dragons among his companions. The dragons were a small family, consisting of a mother, father and baby. The creatures had no names, but Robilar spoke their native language, so all was understood between them. Robilar trained all three dragons as fighting steeds. They were frequently used on adventures and their breath weapon attacks were excellent for clean retrievals of treasure.


Robilar's Castle was located about 70 miles southwest of the City of Greyhawk, on the Wild Coast (Hex E4-89). The castle complex was surrounded by several villages, all of whom paid a tithe to Robilar for protection. The castle consists of a series of structures; a great keep surrounded by four walls with towers at the corners. The uppermost part of the keep had a collapsible roof allowing the dragons to take immediate flight up and out. The main gate was barred so that only a person with storm giant strength could lift the bar to gain entry (i.e., Robilar had a girdle of storm giant strength, so only he could enter).

Recent Developments

Following the treachery of Rary and the deaths of Otiluke and Tenser, rumors began to circulate in the lands around Greyhawk of a secret meeting of the surviving members of the Circle of Eight. The rumors state that it was Otto who called this meeting, to attempt to divine the motives behind the treachery of Rary and Robilar.

Few could fathom how Rary, a trusted member of the Circle, and Robilar, a long time boon companion and friend to many, could have betrayed and attempted to murder their compatriots in the Circle. Mordenkainen was especially at a loss to explain the betrayal of Robilar, his close friend and adventuring partner of many years.

Otto reminded Mordenkainen that it was he and Robilar that had traveled to the fabled City of the Gods in the lands of Blackmoor. It was during this expedition in these strange lands that the pair discovered many ancient scrolls of formally unknown magics and powerful spells. Otto related that when Robilar returned, he gave him several scrolls that were found there, one of which contained the spell clone. Robilar freely gave these powerful magics to Otto in return for his promise to use the clone spell, on a piece of flesh provided by Robilar, should the need ever arise.

Otto went on to explain that following Robilar's release of Zuggtmoy during his adventures beneath the ruins of the Temple of Elemental Evil, Robilar was forced to flee as the forces of good sacked his castle in retaliation for his release of Zuggtmoy. Still being pursued, Robilar sent word to Otto that he was traveling beyond the Flanaess to the lands east of the Solnor Ocean, and that now might be a good time to use the clone spell, to cover his escape.

Obviously, Robilar hoped that those pursuing him would destroy the clone and he could return later when things had settled down. Much to the astonishment of the other members of the Circle, Otto related that he indeed used the clone spell to create a clone of Robilar, a fact that he kept secret from his friends for years. For many years the clone of Robilar behaved normally, so Otto assumed the "real" Robilar had perished in his eastern expedition.

Otto went on to say that he now believes this clone was slowly driven insane by presence of a very much alive "real" Robilar somewhere in the eastern lands across the ocean. This would explain Robilar's rather erratic behavior in the last few years (such as changing his Coat of Arms and joining Rary in a plot against his "friends"). Neither Otto nor any other members of the Circle have been able to locate the presence of Robilar in the eastern lands.

When questioned by the other members of the Circle about Robilar's trip to the east, Otto pointed to a map that Heward made for Mordenkainen and indicated that he believes that Robilar was headed to the Empire of Lynn, on the western shores of the continent of Oerik. It seems that Robilar had "acquired" a powerful relic called the Orb of Clerics (evil) and was taking it to a Temple of Zuggtmoy located there, for what purpose is unknown."

After delivering the Orb to the Temple of Zuggtmoy, Robilar made his way back to the Drachensgrab Mountains and is believed to have joined his forces located there. The force is reported to consist of 50 heavy cavalry (regulars), 100 medium cavalry (regulars), 50 light cavalry (regulars), 50 light horse crossbowmen (regulars), 100 heavy infantry (levied), 50 horse archers (elite orcish), 50 light crossbowmen (regulars), and 100 pole armed infantry (regular orcish). Most of the higher level associates of Robilar were killed during the fall of his castle. This force is mostly lawful evil, but trusted by few because of their chaotic tendencies.