It will be while before I really begin to add anything to this page mostly because it will take me forever to actually type it all up and put it in a presentable format. First thing I plan to offer is the very first adventure (it originally appeared in White Dwarf for use in Warhammer) which is the hook to start the characters off on their first adventure in Greyhawk. I will be presenting it in module format so any one can just take it and use it.

To give you an idea what is going on... The PCs have decided to travel to the famed Gem of the Flanaess itself, the Free City of Greyhawk, but it's a long trip and along the way they have to stop off for a night at an inn... yes time to relax after a hard day of traveling, drink some ale, rest yer bones, and get a good night of sleep. But something fishy is going ontonight in The Three Feathers inn... Some strange looking priests are in for the night and the local aristocracy is up to some shenanigans... dammit it looks like its going to be "A Rough Night at the Three Feathers"...

Adventure Chronicles

  1. In Search of Adventure
  2. Temple of Elemental Evil
  3. Scourge of the Slave Lords
  4. Against the Giants
  5. Decent into the Depths of the Earth
  6. Realms of Horror
  7. Lendor Isles
  8. Saltmarsh Campaign
  9. Wonderland
  10. Greyhawk Adventures
  11. Rise of the Falcon
  12. The Blades of Corusk
  13. Ruins of Greyhawk
  14. Aftermath of the War
  15. The New Adventures
  16. The Lost Tombs

(More To Come Soon!)